Talk is cheap

by Patrizia Madau & Francesco Mutti

26 October 2016 — 28 November 2016


Talk is cheap – Spaziocorsocomo9, corso Como 9, Milan, 2016

performing artists:
Riccardo Bonfadini, Patrick Corrado, Paolo Mezzadri

La Mucchina Compressione Q19

TALK IS CHEAP is a POP procedure that wants to break down those formal, aesthetic or intellectual barriers that lock up the most of contemporary artistic production, to build bridges between artists and pieces. Since if it is defiantly just a matter of fashion, so let be out of fashion talking about an Art, that has not within itself the
germ of the idea!

The curators Patrizia Madau and Francesco Mutti propose an explanatory journey through the artworks of three Italian artists of great depth – Riccardo Bonfadini, Patrick Corrado and Paolo Mezzadri. They will create a fun and intriguing artistic path, in line with the times, geared to contamination, and welcoming the Past restoring it through a conceptual and procedural eclecticism, the fascination of the material and the always stimulating associative power of ideas.

The clear, direct and impactful installations of the three artists, want to be a reportage of strong POP muld and human and intellectual empathy. Their sculptural and visual art brings with itself a variety of messages of logical humorous, emotional, symbolic meanings. An artistic reality that cannot be dodged nor denied but wants to be investigated and understood in a lively way, like a deep and unconventional exploration work.

Performing artists:
Riccardo Bonfadini, Patrick Corrado and Paolo Mezzadri.

Riccardo Bonfadini Artworks

Patrick Corrado Artworks

Paolo Mezzadri Artworks

Artists identities:

Riccardo Bonfadini

Through shrewd associations of ideas, literary aphoristic tasted incentives and the use of simple materials and objects in the everyday sense of the term, Bonfadini plays up alienating signals that the society itself brings. His Manifesti and his volume-sculptures become so hugely popular advertising réclame, real viral messages to a consumerist society, now actually already consumed by events. With these tools, he attracts to himself the contemporary yoke of a promotional to all costs Art, through the amused presentation of a product that does not yet exist but that will be!
In the belief that the idea of the artwork is enough to make that the artwork itself can be said to be marketable, he proposes an irritating version of it, relying on intuition, common sense and a certain shrewdness of mind that are not so bad.

Patrick Corrado

The artist and designer from Bergamo creates a surrogate of the artistic product “Compressioni” in which the fragmented juxtaposition of images, marked by ever tighter compositional schemes, attracts the viewer towards an inner perception of the intervention, even before than towards its visual result . As part of a poetic futurist procedure, where image and content compete and determine an apparent state of aesthetic estrangement, Patrick Corrado replaces gradually an increasingly limited formal selection (Apparenze Metamorfiche): Such selection, in the duality of subject and subsequently, in their decomposition, reaches the subliminal value of POP icon, at first recognized, then suggested, and finally totally denied.

Paolo Mezzadri

Through a sensitive sculptural path, Mezzadri plays with apparent lightness with the dualistic principle of the universe and its constant transformation properties. Through the use of iron material, his sculptures appoint to reflection the protective qualities of the oxidative process to which the matter itself is subject. Through appearances and contents sometimes naturalistic (Ciuo), other
times deeply symbolic (La Perfetta), now of an high communicative impact (Pensieri Alti), in the identification of a human being, fortified in his thoughts and in line with his ambitions and promises, both retained or subtracted.