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Presenting the project

EVERYBODY TALKS: Communities and identities in comparison

Photographs by
Carlo Bevilacqua, Keila Guilarte e Gianluigi Di Napoli

(Photographic project) Curated by Patrizia Madau

October 12 – 31, 2023
Galleria Lampo Scalo Farini / Via Valtellina, 5 Milano

EVERYBODY TALKS: Communities and identities in comparison

Curated by Patrizia Madau

Tallulah Studio Art in collaboration with Associazione Formidabile and Galleria Lampo presents the project EVERYBODY TALKS, a photography exhibition that brings together the extraordinary social journey and the gaze on some unique communities that the three photographers Carlo Bevilacqua, Keila Guilarte and Gianluigi Di Napoli have put at the centre of their visual research.
The artists, united by their desire to tell stories of distant cultures and places, confront the world of communities and their sense of belonging, creating a multicultural narrative reportage – an ethical photography that explores social reality and its identities. Three different gazes, full of empathy and simplicity, are confronted in a dialogue of true and unfiltered images.

Carlo Bevilacqua

Carlo Bevilacqua’s photography, as always, starts from a socio-anthropological investigation. The shots in the exhibition are an extract of the various projects the artist has realised over the last five years around the world, some of which were later translated into two wonderful photographic books.

Bevilacqua’s series includes photographs from Utopia, dreaming the impossible, a book published by Crowdbooks, and into the silence, Eremiti del terzo millenio, published by Intento Edizioni, Islam in Cuba, Queer Divine, The third Gender in the Zapotec land, The Irish walking people. Bevilacqua’s work is the result of his visual journey made as a photographer in recent years in India and Singapore, in Cuba, Mexico and Vancouver Island, through Europe and the United States. Bevilacqua explores the world of contemporary ‘utopian communities’ in the most extended and social sense of the term: communities that are alternative, spiritual, artistic, hippie, environmentalist. His work starts from the attempt to define the meaning of ‘utopia’ today.
The project documents and seeks to understand how these communities have evolved and how they have been able to survive the pressure of the standardizing culture that dominates today’s society. The narrative on the Queer communities, which are still very much discriminated against in India, Mexico as well as among the Native North Americans, is another heartfelt topic of the artist, whose photographs go beyond the simplest meaning of gender identity and sexual choices. Bevilacqua’s photographs are stories of identity and memory of the “third gender” through cultures, ancient rituals and religions.

Keila Guilarte

Keila Guilarte’s photographs are part of a visual reportage realised between the island of Cuba and Morocco since 2017 until today. Keila, who has always paid great attention to the themes of identity and social belonging, presents refined artistic shots of people, customs and traditions that mingle in images in which the photographer seems to peer through a keyhole into hidden identities and communities. The photos dedicated to the women of Maghreb communities, taken in Tafza, Tidli, Marrakech and Medina, capture the essence of daily life, the beauty of its people and places. The strong, contrasting lights, colours and shadows are the real protagonists of these emotional shots that express the identity of these people. Next to these images taken in Morocco, reappear visions of Cuba, dear to the artist, as linked to her photographic memory and childhood. The photographs in the exhibition are part of Mi Tierra, her first book, published by Silvana Editoriale in 2022. The photographer discreetly introduce the viewer to the daily intimacy of the Cuban community and the endless energy of its people, giving a reflection on these places and on the strong identity of its population, still preserved although profound and painful cultural changes.

Gianluigi Di Napoli

The chapiteau, the circus tent, is the ‘hat’ under which the heterogeneous and colourful circus tribe gathers and moves. This is where Gianluigi Di Napoli’s gaze stops, creating an intense visual journey that offers the viewer the authentic personality of the circus fantasy world and the jugglers. Through the viewfinder of his camera, the artist recounts the consecrated place where the ritual of the show takes place, and where the identity of the body becomes a true liturgy, intended as an unifying element and fundamental reference for the whole life, the growth and the status of the different family groups that revolve around it. The circus world is a living organism, a community with a strong identity and belonging, whose elements live in close contact sharing spaces, jargon, experiences, strong emotions, and common memories, as well as powerful bonds of blood and extended, yet paradoxically circumscribed kinship.
The three works on display are the synthesis and the fulcrum of the artist’s research – research, the artist has been carrying out for more than ten years and from which the photographic books Circus Life – Everynight, all around the World (published by Stemmle), and A Poet in Action, David Larible (published by Damiani), an anthology of images dedicated to the world’s most famous clown, were born.

With his latest project Nel cuore di Saltimbanco. Viaggio sotto la pelle del Cirque du Soleil, which has become Saltimbanco’s travelling exhibition in Europe, the artist documents the natural evolution of the traditional circus and its contrasts the magical and spectacular entrance of artists into the synthetic ring of the world’s most famous circus group as well as the silence of individuals sleeping in make-up and dressed in dreamlike costumes that unexpectedly come to life on a glittering stage .

The Exhibitions

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with FORMIDABILE – Giovanni Di Leo, Fabio Lucarelli Association that promotes, in disused areas of Milan, new urban vitality through art, design, fashion. The exhibition spaces that host the display are part of the Lampo project, an urban regeneration project of the former Farini railway yard, that opens its doors to the city of Milan. LAMPO is green space born from the recovery of an area of 9,000 square metres indoors and about 30,000 square metres outdoors, for a total of 40,000 square metres inside the Scalo Farini. A Milanese spirit and an international outlook: LAMPO settles down inside Scalo Farini, ready to welcome citizens of the world. Different ideas, outlooks and stories meet and contaminate each other in new places inside the city – among co-working areas, cultural and sporting activities and rooms inhabited by creative people.

Tallulah Studio Art

Tallulah Studio Art was founded in 1999 on the initiative of Patrizia Madau, a creative mind, art, design and photography consultant.
Always on the lookout for young emerging talents, it pays attention to the proposals of the new generations, promoting form and matter in design and contemporary art in all its expressions. The strength that distinguishes Tallulah Studio lies in its continuous aesthetic evolution and in always concretely expressing the results of constant research.
Patrizia Madau is passionate about the work of young artists present in the recent international scene such as Donatella Izzo, Federico Unia, Federica Angelino, Patrick Corrado, Riccardo Bonfadini, Ian Gamache, Fabio Roncato, Daria Dziecielewska McDouglas, Jono Nussbaum, Jordi Suñé Ferrús, Furio Agiman , Claudio Magrassi, Michele Ardito, Andrea Milano, Andrea Floris, Lorenzo Santy. From 1999 to today Tallulah Studio Art has presented multiple art, photography and design exhibitions collaborating with internationally renowned designers such as: Gerry De Bastiano, Melvin Anderson, Guillermontalbano, Nigel Coates, Dusciana Bravura, Dario Zucchi, Giada Barbieri, Gian Piero Gasparini, Thomas Berra, Fabio Roncato, Pier Lorenzo Salvoni, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Donata Clovis, Edland Man, Bruna Rotunno, Piero Figura, Carlo Bevilacqua, Keila Guilarte, Gianluigi Di Napoli.


Many Thanks to Cantina Cológnola Tenuta Musone for the support.

We thank Masseria Battifarano Nova Siri Matera for the support.


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