23rd – 26th March, 2023



The Extraordinary Day-to-Day. Unique and curious visions of contemporary society

Photographs by
Carlo Bevilacqua, Keila Guilarte and Dario Zucchi

Photographic project by Patrizia Madau

Press conference:
Wednesday 22nd March 2023 at 12 pm
Print preview:
Wednesday 22nd March 2023 from 12 pm to 10 pm

The Extraordinary Day-to-Day. Unique and curious visions of contemporary society

Curated By Patrizia Madau

For the occasion of the XII Edition of MIA FAIR 2023, Italy’s most prestigious fair dedicated to photographic art, scheduled at the SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in Milan from 23rd to 26th of March 2023, Tallulah Studio presents the multi-voiced exhibition “The Extraordinary Day-to-Day“, which combines the photographic works of Carlo Bevilacqua, Keila Guilarte and Dario Zucchi and features scenic and artistic landscapes, traditions, ethnic groups, habits and ordinary life. In this stylistically diverse and dynamic social reportage, three different narrative paths converge to one theme: “to capture the extraordinary in everyday life”, a look beyond the surface to find the unexpected, wherever it may be.

Carlo Bevilacqua takes us through the daily realities of the Irish Travellers, known as Paveè, Miners or, in Irish Gaelic, “an lucht siúil ”, literally, “the walking people”. A never-before-seen photographic project presented by Tallulah Studio for the occasion of MIA FAIR. It is an extraordinary social/anthropological portrait, free of any prejudice, of the nomadic communities of the “Walking People”, a tight knit ethnic minority with a history and tradition that dates back to the pre-Celtic era in the Irish and Anglo-Saxon world. His intensely colorful and visually extravagant images, document the identity of a people.

It is through Keila Guilarte’s lens that the soul of Cuba finds expression. Her photographs tell the story of an island which oozes life and passion, and finds itself between decadence and a longing for modernity. Its people are immortalized by Keila’s genuine and yet unpredictable photographic tale, as we move through the various rituals, spirituality and habits that were once part of her childhood.

The images on display were selected by the photographer from her latest book “Mi Tierra” (Silvana Editoriale 2022), a black and white narrative reportage that celebrates and elevates the ordinary life of a humble and proud people.

Tallulah Studio Art with photos by Keila Guilarte and Carlo Bevilacqua has been selected and included in the Reportage Beyond Reportage section, curated by Emanuela Mazzonis of Pralafera.

At the center of Dario Zucchi’s research is his photographic series dedicated to museums and the relation between works of art and the viewing public. The artist’s language features paintings and sculptures, juxtaposed with people and spectators, and combines them through a variety of colors, styles and movements, in an attempt to capture a glimpse of reality. His shots give new meaning to the works of Munch, Matisse and Rothko. The artist establishes a visual link between the viewer and the work of art, in the extraordinary day-to-day life of American museums, so that a simple visitor-spectator may become the unexpected and extraordinary subject of his photography.

Carlo Bevilacqua

Carlo Bevilacqua. He lives in Milan and collaborates with periodicals, publishing houses and communication agencies with which he takes photos and videos both for publishing and for important Italian and international companies. He is a founding partner and creative director of the production company and creative laboratory XTV Productions.
He has taught photography as a visiting professor of photography at the Milan branch of the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York / Politecnico di Milano and is a contributor to the Parallelozero photographic agency.
He directs and produces documentaries and video clips, including Little Red Robin Hood, a biographical documentary on Robert Wyatt, lead singer and drummer of Soft Machine, with Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Paul Weller and Nick Mason (drummer of Pink Floyd).
His works have been exhibited or screened in various film and photography festivals such as mBoutographies in Montpellier, (France), Biennial of Photography Brescia (Italy), PhotoBiennale in Thessaloniki (Greece), International Photography Festival Rome (Italy), Indian Vision London ( UK
), European Photography Reggio Emilia (Italy) , Encontros da Imagem Braga (Portugal), Center for mFine Art Photography Colorado (USA) , National Portrait Gallery of London (UK), SIPF Singapore mInternationale Photo Festival, Cortona On The Move, ( Italy) Copenhagen Photo mFestival(Denmark), Munchen Stadt Museum (Germany), Book City – Photo Books & CO. Palazzo del Ghiaccio Milan (Italy), PhotoReport AGE Matera (Italy), International Meeting of Photography Plovdiv (Poland ), Fotonoviembre, Tenerife (Spain), Galleria SpazioFarini6 Milan (Italy),
Photography Open Salon – Arles (France) – China House Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Helsinky Foto
Festival – Photo Israel His works have been published in magazines such as Marieclaire, GEO, Ojo De Pez, Chine Lens, La Croix, Stern, Io Donna, and in various blogs on contemporary photography.
Among others his works include the books IN ITALIA with text by architect Mario Botta, INTO THE SILENCE a photographic journey into the world of contemporary hermits and UTOPIA a global journey to discover the world of contemporary utopias as spiritual, artistic and social
He is currently working on Queer Divine a new global project on gender fluidity in traditional cultures.

Keila Guilarte

Keila Guilarte was born in Santiago de Cuba, currently lives and works in Milan. Since 2009 she lives between Paris and Milan, where she shows for Dior Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani, Marc Jacobs, La Perla and many others.
After this experience, her artistic sensibility will subsequently lead her to develop a real interest in photography, her great passion.
Subsequently, she will acquire knowledge in the analog-digital field, which will allow her to start her career as a professional fashion photographer with assets numerous works for magazines such as Vogue, L’Officiel, Design Scene, Schön! Magazines, Latest Magazine, Vanity Fair.
From the love for his island and gratitude for life, in 2017 the creation of the her first photographic book “MI TIERRA”, a tribute to Cuba and its beauty.
In 2019 her first photographic exhibition in Trieste promoted as part of the International cultural cooperation program with the government of Cuba: “CREATIVE HUB FVG-CUBA,” later awarded in 2021 by the association “The Children for peace of Milan.
Last November 2022, she presented in Milan (Moscova District Gallery), her book “Mi Tierra” with a dedicated photographic exhibition for the occasion.

Dario Zucchi

Dario Zucchi, born in Milan and resident in Washington D.C., is a passionate photographer. Through a combination of colors, styles and movements, he elaborates contrasts between paintings and sculptures on the one hand and people and spectators on the other. His photos are not premeditated, but they stop a moment of reality, a combination that has never happened before. Thanks to his shots, the works of Munch, Matisse, Rothko and many other famous artists immortalized in his photographs take on new meanings. Numerous solo exhibitions in America and Europe: MIA Fair 2021, Milan Tallulah Studio Art, until January 2022 at the Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. “People in Museums: Dario Zucchi”, “Selected Photographs by Dario Zucchi” at Comcast Lounge, Strathmore Music Center, Rockville, Maryland, “An unexpected smile … continue in Verbania” at Villa Giulia, Verbania – Pallanza, Italy in 2017 , previously exhibited in 2014 in Casale Monferrato in Italy and at the Istituto Italia.


MIA Fair | Milan Image Art Fair 2023
SUPER STUDIO MAXI | Via Moncucco, 35 | Milan
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Press conference: Wednesday 22nd March 2023 from 12 pm
Press preview: Wednesday 22nd March 2023 from 12 pm to 10 pm
(MIA FAIR press office accreditation)

Preview by invitation only: Wednesday 22nd March 2023 from 5pm to 10pm

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