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Born 1967, Brescia, Italy.

Between art and design, poetry and the magic of light. Pier Lorenzo Salvoni is the brilliant and poetic interpreter of Murano glass and the refined lightness of light, light or electric, creator of unique works made entirely by hand and present in the most beautiful houses in the world.
His creations, almost all unique pieces, which cut and assembles by hand in infinite shades of color and in delicate shapes, magically make any environment special.

P. L. Salvoni arrives in Venice at the end of the 80s, to study architecture.
Since the early years it has been captured by the city and in particular by Murano glass.
Attending the island leads him to get to know the glassworks and in particular the cotisso (remains and processing waste).
With this material he begins to create huge and very heavy necklaces, so heavy that they cannot be worn. Thus they become decorative objects: if they cannot be hung on the neck, they hang on the walls.
The idea works and his work takes him overseas. The large necklaces are chosen as the main staging element for the Sony celebratory party in New York, where they are hung from the large trees of the main hall of the T&T building, designed by Philip Johnson.
The technique developed with the necklaces leads him to elaborate the first lanterns, the work evolves followed by the lamps, the tapestries and the wonderful large shawls in glass and brass entirely handmade and the decorative panels, like the rest of his wonderful creations.
His research thus began to turn to decoration in a more complete sense; his interior projects are convincing and in fact his two Venetian houses are photographed by Elle Decor Germany and Interni.
Important works begin for large hotels such as the Grand Hotel de Russie in Rome or the Rjad Enija in Marrakech, or for private residences published by prestigious magazines such as AD Italia, Elle Decor America, Hause & Garden UK.From its customers: Cristiana Agnelli, Alberta Ferretti, Krizia,
Giorgio Armani, Muriel Brandolini d’Adda, Neiman Marcus, Candy end Candy London, Poliform, Joseph London.
Sculpture is another of his long-dormant passions:
Fish, masks are born and the real sculptures with a canine subject begin to take shape.
From 2015 the first copy is available in limited edition or as a single piece, sculpture titled “Bigio”.
In parallel to the artistic work a stylistic consultancy activity is carried out for important private residences aimed at the unusual and artistic enrichment of the environments.


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