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Born 1982, Bergamo, Italy.

Nicola Marenzi, painter who with his talent became silent around him, has thought long before accepting this challenge, because aware of the jump without a net he had to do. Be faced with the poetic portrait that has long practiced midwifery as himself (as a self-portrait photo of the psyche, heart and hand) meant navigate within the history that has known, became unknown, opening to dialogue and to ‘otherness.

A destiny written in the face or in a pose that says without explaining. A finding streets, squares and cemeteries, including wrinkles and skin of those who watched him in the fixity of an image. From love she has faced a peaceful war. From messy it passed to the creator of an order.
From a visionary poet of the brush. Well he appointed through the faces things that were dear to those who portrayed and realized that the scream, the scratch, the wall, his pursuit of women remained attached to the sign and color. The Street Art that became measure of Myth. Many faces pass before us and we do not care at all. Why?
Because we have no time to stop them with a pat of interest or passion. Reviewing those faces and read through his performance means going beyond the stories. Switch to metaphysics Gaze and Picture-Word. In the solitude of a person who has done it, we find the champagne and green grass that is reborn in the spring. Knowing the power of the female is known as the brain, we know very much and that is always very little compared to what we’re missing. Bridles art and history galore. And as he wrote Igor Stravinsky: “The more art is controlled, limited, it worked, and most are free.” And the more we cimentiamo with an obstacle arts and culture and more we go out of our comfortable chairs.


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