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Born 1944, Aruba.

Melvin Anderson is through his personal history a world citizen, with a path that reads like a traveling guide; Aruba/St.Vincent/ Amsterdam/Milan and again Amsterdam. Before his journey from ceramics to glass, he designed textiles for about 25 years for prestigious fashion and textile houses in Italy, France the U.S., Spain and Japan.

The unique structure he gave to his fabric-designs can also be seen in his glass ‘recurring new combination from my warm world of colour and an age old tradition without words, with the excitement and energy of Europe with its drive to renew and throw-away culture’. As with his fabrics and ceramics it is important that Anderson ‘s glass objects are touchable. Designing is for him a journey from his finger-tips and his eyes to eventually touching something deep inside. His glass is therefore brilliant and clear, but also rough and non-transparant; the result is objects not only for the eye but also glass asking to be caressed.

All this could not be achieved without the eyes and lungs of brilliant glass-masters like Pavel Cajthaml from the Czech Republic / Andrea Zilio of Anfora Murano / Richard Price of van Tetterode Amsterdam and master-engraver Jacomo Barbini also of Anfora Murano.

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