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De Bastiano

Born 1960, Lecce, Italy.

As always against the current. His is a new hymn to the freedom of volumes. Far from all industrial and commercial concepts, pure freedom of unconditional expression. The volumes dance and rise covered by precious metals, fluid and shiny as if they were elements in evolution in the universe. The collection includes 8 pieces completely handmade, unique pieces treated with third fire, glazed majolica with coatings in precious metals; from gold to platinum in all their different shades in a continuous challenge to material gravity

Gerry De Bastiano was born in Lecce, Italy.
He begun his first artistic studies at the Lecce Art Institute for 5 years and carried on in Rome at the European Institute df Design. In the 80’s Gerry de Bastiano decided to experience London, where he allies artistic relationships in various creative fields, working and developping his own taste together with architect Nigel Coates, the fashion designer Rifat Ozbek, john Galliano , jasper conran , the
photographer Michael Robert’s and a moltitude of characters which will influence decisivelly his artist’s direction. At the beginning of the 90’s the artist moves to Paris for a reflective break which all prove important for the future. Here he paint’s and draws and envisions a new aesthetc way, after three intense years he goes back to Tuscany, his new italian home-base. Exsperiencing for the first time with ceramics being completely seduced by its charme, he starts producing his first vases very successfully thanks to the Zaccagnini factory. Always researching aesthetic solution, the artist created a new technique in ceramics and developes a series called “Collapsing Vases”. From 1999 Gerry de Bastiano is also the artistic director of the Zaccagnini manifactouring in Florence.

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