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Born 1960, Milan, Italy.

He founded the photo agency LUCKYMAT in New York. Then he moves to live nine years in Los Angeles and never stop (after this experience, buy a boat, face the Ocean, not the Navigli …). Today he is also involved in art design. In his photographic compositions, layered in tree bark, there are allegories, bewilderments, epiphanies and sudden melancholy.

There is the Time that devours everything but does not digest fear. There is ancient modernity. And the eyes of Magnani and Pasolini’s hands.
And that is the Myth of Man and Society in constant struggle between vanity, selfishness and closures but also in embrace of purity, the fidelity of the ideal and the need to simplify to gather what matters: in Art is the right companion and an accomplice, perhaps the only one possible.
Being in places dionisiacally like Furio does, finding new skins, this is not science fiction. The eclipse of stations, roads, people, gestures, pulsating objects, escalators, fainting talks to us to the rhythm of music in images.

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