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Born 1979, Busto Arsizio (Milan), Italy.

Donatella Izzo (1979) Lives and works in Milan. She began her career as a painter but immediately photography is the starting point for all her work: the artist founds art and technology in a subtle and elegant dialogue that allows her to obtain important prizes and awards since the early years of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera where she studied.

The artist’s poetics embraces an iconographic universe resulting from the combination of photography and elements with a strong metaphorical value. The nascent image is never purely descriptive but wants to “tell”, through the combination of opposites, real and
surreal, natural and artificial, sacred and profane, rational and sensorial, a deep inner world, able to guide the viewer towards different levels of understanding, both sensorial and intellectual, inextricably linked to the personal emotions experienced by the inner ego of the viewer. A narrative that has become fully recognizable that has allowed the artist to exhibit in numerous Italian and international exhibitions, including London, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​New York, Rzeszòw.


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