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Lugano 19 September 2019 — 22 September 2019



Courtesy of Clifford Chance – Arcus Pride Art Exhibition, Milan, 2019

performing artists:
Federica Angelino, Donatella Izzo, Federico Unia, Gianpiero Gasparini


by Patrizia Madau

performing artists:
Federica Angelino, Donatella Izzo, Federico Unia, Mauro Vettore and Patrick Corrado

Courtesy of Clifford Chance
Arcus Pride Art Exhibition, Milan, 2019

2019 is the first year Pride Art isbeingheld in Italy with an exhibition that show cases a group of talented Italian artists, exploring LGBT+ themes.

The art exhibition consists of four works which inspire reflection on the value of diversity as an inherent element of nature.

For this exhibition we have collaborated with Tallulah Studio Art, founded by the pop-art consultant Patrizia Madau.

Performing artists:
Donatella Izzo, Federica Angelino, Federico Unia, Gianpiero Gasparini

Bloom Midtown Food chain (bestial series) numbers14 by gian piero gasparini


by Patrizia Madau

Technique, Sign, Light, Color, Substance, Full and Empty, are the protagonists of the creative identities of five young artists.

What makes every work “Art” is the planning, the idea, the work, the stylistic experimentation, the result of a great expressive freedom and an intimate and personal research.

In a time where everything is a cliché and where we are always more frequently asked to renounce our identity, I AM wants to be the story of everyone and everyone’s way of seeing the world, through the exploration of contemporary languages, a disrespectful visual impact, given from the desire to CREATE beyond the stylistic taboos: narrating, denouncing, raising awareness and exciting. Subjectivity emerges precisely from the pleasure of being oneself, through aesthetic sophistication and expressive elegance.

Performing artists:
Donatella Izzo, Federica Angelino, Federico Unia, Mauro Vettore and Patrick Corrado.

Power in the hands Walking Hands Chinese box Ava vs Ingrid

Donatella Izzo Artworks

Federico Unia Artworks

Federica Angelino Artworks

Mauro Vettore Artworks

Patrick Corrado Artworks

Five artists, five identities:

Donatella Izzo

In his latest project No-Portraits, her great aesthetic skill and photographic medium mastery are evident. The artist’s attention is within all phases of the work, from pre-production to production and post-production. The shot only becomes the last piece of an artistic sequence, that includes interventions such as painting, collage and abrasion.
The focus of the project is shifted to new reading codes, that crumble the classical concept of portrait intended as a “copy” in favor of an “anti-portrait”, that is an introspective analysis of the depicted subject, almost always female, a universe from which Izzo draws and to which she gives

Federico Unia

Continuous human contradiction emerges in his works. The consideration on evolution, on the beastly aspects of our existence, the criticality of systems, which are vital for us and for all the living species of our delicate planet, the precariousness of human relationships as opposed to the unambiguous and independent search for success, worthy of every mean …
On the other hand, animals, which are often much more capable than us of living our home, actively or passively respecting their destiny in the food chain, capable of coexisting together within the same areas, where different species draw life, simply by following the natural rhythm dictated by our planet, now very weak and not because of them, stand out positively in respect of natural, bio-vital and social systems. The man in metamorphosis with the animal encloses all these aspects and stands out on the works of Federico Unia, who often uses the urban theme of Poster, as a common language in many of his works, to carry his subjects as a background texture.

Federica Angelino

What Photography reproduces infinitely, took place only once. It repeats mechanically, what won’t be repeated existentially. The young artist investigates suburban cultures through the mechanism of a machine, shooting not necessarily what no longer is, but certainly what it was. Archive to print the moment. The goal of his work is becoming part of a community, take the best visions and give them back to the public.

Mauro Vettore

In his installations, the artist is able to playfully fly over the rubbles of a capitalism that reached the spasmodic end of its course. He does so with a wise choice of materials (from resins to plastic), by setting fake ingots, exploded lamps and very famous brands. While Warhol celebrated the birth of Coca-Cola, Vettore sings about his death. The purely aesthetic result is, in some cases, amazing.

Patrick Corrado

The artist raises / re-elaborates from scratch, everything that is Pop: decomposes / deconstructs photographic images, signs, chromatisms and writings that first showed off their “glamor”, fashion, cinematographic, comics, music, superficiality, reinventing everything and then translating it into a visual language that “de-re-structures” every single image