Mystic Room

by Patrizia Madau

25 November 2015 — 22 December 2015


MYSTIC ROOM – Spaziocorsocomo9, corso Como 9, Milan

performing artists:
Marianna Bussola, Giorgio Cecchinato

A room, a place suspended between abstract painting and sculpture, a real land to explore, two artists, Marianna Bussola and Giorgio Cecchinato, meet, share their art and at the same time delineate the boundaries.

Born from the union of their worlds:
“Mystic Room” at the SPAZIOCORSOCOMO9 Milan, a meeting of thoughts and stories of eclectic art.
Although belonging to opposites, the artists are confronted in dissertations metaphorical where their works become synthesis and detection of interiority of each. A dual path that moves exploring the landscapes of Marianna Bussola:

tell her art is like going into a mandala, a magical symbolism of the universe, the illusion of earthly life narrated in an inner landscape of fairy images, abstract, unconscious. Dense textures evocative: anthropomorphic images of a transition between different sizes, the microcosm and the macrocosm. Lands, oceans and other water places, secret gardens and forests, volcanoes and the depths of the earth and sea, buildings and dens, skies and seasons, where the prospect does not exist.

And the dual personality of Giorgio Cecchinato, between abstraction and concreteness of digital sculpture. The figures of the moral sense Cecchinato decline significantly, the externalization necessary, but they are literally crossed by “significant”.

The purpose, in his work, is outlined in a blatant becoming essential compared to the finished works.
Swing between the flatness of the coated almost works on canvas and the search for the relief of a type of sculpture that also explores the inner parts of the human anatomy. Two different attitudes in each of which you feel the nostalgia of the other, as if to break progressively the border of decorative arts to enter strongly in the visual arts and conversely.

Performing artists:
Marianna Bussola, Giorgio Cecchinato.

Marianna Bussola Artworks

Giorgio Cecchinato Artworks