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12th June 2013 — 12th September 2013

Installation 365, a collection of daily non-organic garbage, a kind of deep diary in which everyday the artist, along with the daily “La Repubblica” minutely arranges and preserves in 30 cm wooden caskets.

The memory of 365 days (2011/2012), a year of life, lived, past, that no longer exists and remains encapsulated in each box.

A witness to the passage of time, is the vain hope that something remains stable, motionless.

There are various levels of reading of 365 for everyone who observes it.
It could be interpreted as the portrait consumerism of today, the very antithesis of prerecycling, the daily waste of pounds and tons of material of every kinds for packing single portions of fake havens.

Or, paraphrasing the most intimate thoughts of the artist, – “A statement of bygone days, of events occurred in Italy and in the world; the most important events, a contrast, a paradox, between daily all and nothing, the quiet living common to everyone of us.”

Guillermontalbano (Cordoba, Argentina), with its installation “365” last March was selected as a finalist to Venice seventh edition of Arte Laguna Prize.

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