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Being Human
Photographs by Bruna Rotunno

Curated By Juliana Curvellano

October 19 – December 21, 2022

Epipla Gallery
Via Sant’Antonio, 2 Milan

Wednesday 19 October 2022 starting at 7.00 pm

Presentation to the press at 6.00 pm
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Being Human

Curated By Patrizia Madau

Tallulah Studio Art in collaboration with Galleria Epipla presents “Being Human”, Photographs by Bruna Rotunno photographic project curated by Juliana Curvellano that brings together for the first time both aspects of the work of Bruna Rotunno, an artist who has always explored the nature of being human through photography and video.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by one of the photographs in the exhibition in which the phrase Being Human is written on the shirt of a man with a distant gaze in the golden light, standing on the terrace of an anonymous building on the outskirts of New Delhi. Through photographs taken around the planet that hosts us, the artist talks about relativism and the infinite smallness of the human condition compared to the immensity of Nature.

“We are made of the same matter as the Universe, water, earth, clouds and stars”
– Bruna Rotunno

What does it mean to be human? It is a simple, concise question that nevertheless reveals the complexity, contradictions, relativity and mystery of human life.
This is precisely the lens through which we invite you to see the works in the exhibition.
In the video works, which have become an NFT project, conceived during the pandemic, touring Milan (the city where she lives) and photographing the city in a suspended and surreal time, the artist perceives the presence of glimpses of Nature, which existed before urban space.
The absence of human beings in the metropolitan landscape has allowed the videoscape to appear in windows that offer us the possibility to regain awareness, to walk again in the original matrix and to remain connected to it through these visionary but equally real passages.
Thus an integration between photography and video develops which aims to focus attention on the powerful connection between the human being and nature, which shuns direct narratives, opening wide spaces for interpretation and critical reflection.
Together, the images that Bruna Rotunno created for Being Human offer the viewer the opportunity to perceive and rediscover the balance between human beings and Nature, the only hope to be able to reconnect with Mother Earth.

“No one thing shows the greatness and power of the human intellect or the loftiness and nobility of man more than his ability to know and to understand fully and feel strongly his own smallness”
– Giacomo Leopardi

Bruna Rotunno

Bruna Rotunno lives and works between Milan and Paris and Asia. Strongly interested in human nature, Bruna graduated in psychology, and then devoted herself to photography, with particular attention to portrait, landscape and video art. Her personal work has always been focused on the exploration of cultures, social themes and the environment. Long travel experiences have allowed her to create her own vision of portrait and story telling, where through the expansion of perception, Bruna alternates visionary sensitivity with the immediacy of reportage. The author, who works with photography and video, has exhibited in numerous galleries both in Italy and abroad. She presented a solo show at the Milan Triennale (Shanghai 24h, 2010) and participated in the 2005 Venice Biennale with the short film Sultans Dream. Her work Women in Bali has been exhibited at the Visual Arts in New Delhi, the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin (MAO) and the Sacred Gallery in Hong Kong. She has published six books and twice won the Prix de la Photographie Paris.

The Smaller#9

New Delhi, 2016
Ed. 1 +1P.A
130×70 cm
Fine Art Barita on dibond

A Family Portrait

Victoria, 2017
Ed. 1 +2 P.A
120×80 cm
Fine Art Barita on dibond

The Entrance

New York, 2011
Ed. 1 +2P.A
105×70 cm
Fine Art Barita on dibond


Tanzania, 2015
Ed. 1 +2P.A
105×70 cm
Fine Art Barita on dibond

Are we just a shadow

Hong Kong, 2016
Ed. 3 + 2 P.A
80×50 cm
Fine Art Photorag on leger

The Smaller#4

New Zealand, 2017
Ed. 1 +2P.A
130×70 cm
Fine Art Barita on dibond


NFT video installation


NFT video installation


NFT video installation


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Juliana Curvellano

Juliana Curvellano is a Brazilian independent curator. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1988, she lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and Reggio Emilia. She has a Masters in Contemporary Art Market from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and Art Gallery Management from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York. She has collaborated with several international artists, galleries and contemporary art platforms. In 2018 she founded No Address Gallery, a nomadic program focused on emerging and mid-career artists.

Tallulah Studio Art

Tallulah Studio Art was born in 1999 on the initiative of Patrizia Madau, creative mind, art, design and photography consultant. Always looking for young emerging talents, it pays attention to the proposals of the new generations, promoting form and matter in design and contemporary art, in all its expressions. The strength that distinguishes Tallulah Studio lies in the continuous aesthetic evolution and the ability to always concretely express the results of constant research. Patrizia Madau has approached the work of many young artists from the recent international scene such as Donatella Izzo, Federico Unia, Federica Angelino, Patrick Corrado, Piero Figura, Gianpiero Gasparini, Mauro Vettore, Riccardo Bonfadini, Ian Gamache, Fabio Roncato, Daria Dziecielewska Mc Douglas , Jono Nussbaum, Jordi Suñé Ferrús, Nicola Marenzi, Lorenzo Santy, and Dario Zucchi. Since 1999 Tallulah Studio Art has presented numerous art, photography and design exhibitions, collaborating with internationally renowned artists and designers such as Gerry De Bastiano, Melvin Anderson, Guillermontalbano, Nigel Coates, Pier Lorenzo Salvoni, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Donata Clovis, Edland Man, Dusciana Bravura, Maya Manz, Nicola Falcone, Dario Zucchi, Bruna Rotunno, and Piero Figura.


Since the nineties Epipla has been the container of the passions cultivated by the architect Annalisa Longa, architect and antique dealer who since then has been researching, in Italy and abroad and in the most important antique markets, unique pieces of furniture and art, to be included in its projects and in its first Spazio. Since 2020 Annalisa Longa has been joined by her daughter Giorgia Fossanova, thirty, an architect by training with a master in Art Management, with rich experience gained both in Italy and abroad collaborating with art galleries, museums and cultural event organization associations. Thus was born the new Epipla Basement exhibition space in via Sant’Antonio 2, at the corner with Via Larga, in the heart of Milan. Basement is a new concept of architecture, design, and art, where the passion for ancient and modern design and art is combined with an in-depth study of the history and artistic productions of the twentieth century, in a
continuous dialogue.


Being Human
Photographs by Bruna Rotunno
Curated by Juliana Curvellano
From 19 October to 19 November 2022
Press preview: Wednesday 19 October 2022 from 6.00 pm
Inauguration: Wednesday 19 October 2022 from 19.00
Please kindly confirm your participation to press.studiobattage@gmail.com
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