Arcus Pride Art Italy Exhibition 2021



Figures of bread & Under the drape

performing artists:
Matteo Lucca and Piero Figura

Curated by:
Patrizia Madau

Clifford Chance Italy has partnered with Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, a multifunctional photography school with over 25 years of presence in Italy, and the gallery Tallulah Studio Art Milan, to reaffirm its longstanding and active commitment towards inclusion and diversity through a comprehensive artistic path that embraces different styles, forms and techniques.

June 2021 marks the 5th anniversary of the law on same-sex civil unions in Italy, an important milestone for the rights of the LGBT+ community. But it is, above all, a year of radical change and deep transformation that affected not only our lifestyles and habits, but also our beliefs and relationships.

This year’s Virtual Pride Art Exhibition is composed by a mix of different subjects, perspectives and artistic techniques, ranging from everyday life photography to abstract canvases and sculptures made by unleavened bread. A supreme hymn to Art in all its forms, but primarily a proud celebration of diversity and inclusion.

Figures of bread – Matteo Lucca

The virtual exhibition continues with Matteo Lucca’s artistic research through his ‘Figures of bread’, a review of sculptures, made with unleavened bread, representing hands that touch and shake, a simple gesture that symbolizes, in many cultures, the crucial moment of meeting and the start of a relationship between people. A gesture made dangerous by the pandemic outbreak, that we will hopefully be able to perform again in the near future, with renewed enthusiasm and lightheartedness.

Matteo Lucca’s sculptures stems from a reflection on giving oneself to the other as nourishment. The creative process comes from a series of suggestions in which the overcoming of one’s ego takes place by offering one’s body.

The meeting of my hands with…Fra

2020 © Matteo Lucca

Sculpture, unleavened bread, consolidative treatment

Azzimo 41

2019 © Matteo Lucca

Sculpture, unleavened bread, consolidative treatment

The meeting of my hands with…Francesca T

2020 © Matteo Lucca

Sculpture, unleavened bread, consolidative treatment

Under the drape – Piero Figura

We close our artistic journey with Piero Figura’s draped paintings. The artist, a proud architect and multidisciplinary artist, supporter of the LGBT+ community, has always promoted fairness and equality through his art. After a life dedicated to design, illustration and scenography, he started exploring painting in an original and profound way. His background as a designer is reflected in his paintings in which there is almost a sense of three-dimensionality.

Iconic canvases, representing draped fabrics, wrap to create folds and movements: lines turn into polka dots, both of the same red and green colors to symbolize Love and Hope. This is the artist’s conceptual way to express change, shown as a transformation within the society through everybody’s inclusion, regardless of their sexual orientation. The sinuous fabric symbolizes protection from discrimination, injustice, ignorance and wickedness and the folds and movements of the fabric suggest the difficulties and problems that society is made of and from which it is not easy to escape.

The ‘Stone’ artwork represents a stone wrapped in a striped fabric. The fabric’s function is to protect it from evil and man’s wickedness: this Stone cannot lapidate anyone. It is the ‘Change’.

Under the drape – Red

2020 © Piero Figura

Acrylic on canvas

Under the drape – Green

2021 © Piero Figura

Diptych, acrylic on canvas


2020 © Piero Figura

Acrylic on canvas